Day 23 #pottytraining It's been five days in underwear and he hasn't had a single accident! #kids #motherhood #parenting

So, here we are, near the end of our summer vacation in Texas and Nolan has been wearing underwear for five days without a single accident!


He sleeps in a diaper over night (and I would put him in a pull-up or diaper for naps but he hasn't had a single one in weeks!) but puts on underwear immediately after getting up for the day every morning. He likes to look at the pair he picks out to see if they have motorcycles or a bulldozer on them and often times, he will dig through the drawer for a few seconds before finally choosing a pair. It's a very cute morning ritual. :)

He's really getting the hang of pulling them up and down all by himself so much so that no one really has to accompany him in the bathroom (at home - we got together in public) and he has hand-washing DOWN!

He's so proud of himself and loves to say "bye bye" to what's in the toilet every dang time. 

What an accomplishment. For us all.

And what a relief, truly, for ME! Having already potty trained one child and it not have gone anywhere near this smoothly (she just wasn't ready), I dreaded doing this again. I even went as far as to make this huge proclamation that until Nolan came to me and said "I don't want to wear diapers anymore", I was not going to force potty training on him if he wasn't ready. We even picked Preschools based on whether they took children not yet potty trained. 

I digress.

I'm ecstatic, y'all. Ecstatic.

And this week, I'm returning $52 worth of diapers to Costco. Woo hoo!


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