Day 4 #pottytraining my four year old. A few accidents but overall, GREAT! #kids #boymom #parenting #motherhood

Sunday we stayed home all day.

Nowhere to go and nothing important to do, just a relaxing (yeah, right!) day at home to clean, pack, organize, and freak out over our up-coming vacay.

I have a list a mile long, suitcases in various states of packedness, and all I can think about is taking a potty-training child on a six hour airport wait/flight.


Anyhow, on to how the day went!

8:20am - Nolan woke for the day and David got him out of his crib and brought him down to the bathroom to take off his PJs and over night diaper. He said he needed to pee so he got up on the toilet and did!

8:30am - David dressed Nolan in shorts, no underwear, for the day and they came down to play, as always, and eat breakfast.

10am - 2pm - I was at the gym and spa/salon during this time. David said on three separate occasions he saw Nolan "grabbing and fidgiting" like he was "doing a pee pee dance" (ha!) so he prompted him to go to the bathroom and use the toilet. And he did. Successfully! Three pees in the potty and twice he pooped. This is awesome; however, it feels a wee bit like a step back as he didn't recognize the urge and get to the bathroom on his own. Which is okay! He's still learning. Just an observation that when he has on regular shorts (not that one pair that is super loose and a size-too-big), he may feel as if he's wearing a diaper and he's not experiencing the same feelings as when he's naked.

3:10pm - While watching a movie in the living room, Nolan began to roam back and forth to the play room and ended up peeing in his shorts. He helped David clean it up and David put him in a new pair of shorts.

5:50pm - While eating dinner (and hopping in and out of his chair to play with toys any chance he got!), he peed in his shorts. He helped clean it up and David left him naked.

6:35pm - He stopped eating dinner and said "I gotta go poop!" and ran to the potty. False alarm. He came back to the table, finished dinner, and headed upstairs to read books, wind down, and get ready for bed. See... when he is naked it's like an automatic CLICK to run to the bathroom. We have yet to have an accident when he's naked. There might be something to this...

7:05pm - Just before bed time, David prompted Nolan to go use the bathroom one last time and he did successfully pee and poop in the toilet. Yay!

Either the shorts are still a bit confusing OR this is just all part of potty-training: some days he will have accidents and other days he won't. Either way, we are so proud of him and keep encourage him to "try again later!". As for traveling on Tuesday, I'm uneasy about having him in loose shorts but I feel like I owe it to him and his progress to keep going and let him try. Can Pull-ups send them backwards in their potty-training progress? Anyone use Pull-ups for travel and underwear at home and have a success story to share?

We've got one more day at home, Monday. Wish us luck!


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