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David and I took Nolan to his four year well-exam this week.

Actually, let me be perfectly honest: I FORCED David to come along because I knew Nolan had to receive at least two immunizations and I just can't handle it. The anticipation of knowing they are getting shots but they don't know they are getting shots keeps me up the night before and gives me an upset stomach the day of. During these appointments, I'm sweaty and fidgety and I high-tail it out of the exam room the second the Pediatrician opens the door to the Assistant, who has the tray in her hands.

I wish I was kidding.

It's just my weird thing.

So, the appointment:

Nolan was very cooperative and aced his hearing and vision tests.

Weight: 34.8lbs
Height: 40"

He's about the 25th percentile. No surprise there.

He's perfectly developing right along his growth chart and was all too eager to chat up our Pediatrician about everything from using the potty, going to Preschool, and his new Crocs to how hungry he was. :)

Then, the Assistant came in with his three immunizations so he can attend Preschool this fall. I said "thank you and good-bye" and RAN to the car where I sat with the radio on and a tear rolling down my cheek.

Within 5 minutes, out strutted (literally, he strutted!) Nolan with a huge smile on his face. David bent down and whispered something to him and motioned for me to roll down the window. When I did Nolan said:

"Mom, why did you run away? Why are you such a scaredy-cat, I'm fine!".


David rolled his eyes at me and got them both in the car and proceeded to tell me the story of the uneventful shot-portion of the appointment.

As the Assistant was preparing the shots, David told Nolan he heard bees flying around and that bees sting you. He had Nolan look away from the Assistant to search for the bee and then, the first shot was administered. David said Nolan whipped his head towards the arm it was given in but said nothing. Apparently, this went on two more times and Nolan didn't so much as whimper. He didn't shed a single tear. He got his three band-aids and they left.

Before we could pull away from the curb, I had to run back in to get the immunization record I realized I had left behind and the Assistant approached me to retell me the same story. She was dying laughing. Probably at me.

And I'm fine with that. ha! :)

I'm just glad it's over and neither of my children have to get immunizations until they are 11 years old.

David will be taking them to those appointments as well.


  1. After Holder literally hid in a corner screaming bloody murder one time and the nurse had to say to him "If you can't sit still this needle can break off in your arm," I refused to do immunization appointments without Dave. Of course when he comes, the kids just get the shots no big deal. Whatever works, man.


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