Emily: her ninth Minecraft-inspired birthday party here at home!

Emily is obsessed with Minecraft.

It's all her and her friends at school talk about.

She's always been so creative in her play time, this truly doesn't surprise David nor I and we were happy to download the game to our iPad and computer at home for her to play earlier this year. It's her favorite reward request!

When it came to her party this year, Emily was very clear she wanted a Minecraft party. Lucky me, I stumbled onto Facebook one afternoon to see my friend Mary S. had recently done an incredible Minecraft party for one of her sons so I bookmarked it and headed off to Pinterest and Amazon for supplies.

My mom was here, as she is for every birthday, and was instrumental in helping me pull it off. We made cupcakes, build a Minecraft backdrop, put together little miniatures, and even wrapped all the gifts in coordinating colored paper.

As we do most years, we had a party here at home with just us and it was in our backyard and Emily couldn't have been happier.

She was delighted at her decorations and loved all her Minecraft gifts, including one adorable little Ocelot hoodie!

Nolan wasn't upset that she was getting so much attention and I think that's mainly because he was helping himself to her gifts once she had opened them!

... and because Gram was here to give him plenty of her attention!

I know I say it every year but I seriously cannot believe I have THIS little angel for a daughter and that she is NINE years old!!!

Happy birthday, Emma-Swim!!!


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