The Good Dinosaur - Pixar's Wrap Party yee-haw!!!

I can't believe David is coming up on his 10th anniversary of working at Pixar.

The Good Dinosaur is the ninth film he's worked on and this year's Wrap Party was one of the best yet!

This year's theme was "cowboy chic" and we loved it!  Though, finding Western wear out here in California proved to be quite a challenge. We ended up all the way up in North near Sacramento at a Boot Barn to outfit us for the party.

The event was held out an an equestrian center in Marin County and was made complete with a bonfire, line dancing, and an awesome Country band.

The party was the day after we flew home from Maui so, to say we were a bit tired is an understatement though we had a blast and stayed until 2:00am.


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