When are #kids too old for Thomas the Train? Not at age nine, apparently! #motherhood

Santa brought a real, wooden Thomas the Train set this year.

It took four adults an afternoon and a half to figure out how to connect the pieces so that 1) we had at least one closed-loop the kids could drive a train all the way around and 2) have it all fit ON the table. Not easy, people!

What surprised me most is how much Emily loves to play with it. She has always loved Thomas the train (anyone remember her Thomas-themed third birthday party? You can see that by clicking HERE) but I guess, in my mind, I had painted her too old/mature to play with trains. My bad! They play together most afternoons, making up elaborate situations involving Cranky the Crain and Sir Topham Hat, it's really precious to watch.

Nolan, of course, is in love with it. He plays with it morning and night. One train at a time, going forwards and backwards, talking to himself saying things like; "Watch out, the light is red, train crossing!" and "choo choooo coming through!". Adorable!


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