"The funk" - a.k.a. the virus with the high fever that lasts for days and days #preschool #kids #SAHM #parenting

Today is the first day all week Nolan has gone to Preschool.

It took five days to get rid of his 101-103 fever, loss of appetite, stomach ache, lethargy, cough, mucus, exhaustion, and overall crappy feeling.

After a visit to his Pediatrician, she determined it wasn't the flu (he had too much energy for that) nor pneumonia and his ears and lungs were clear. Except for the wheezing (asthma runs in my family)! She took care of that with this fancy nebulizer treatment and an Rx for an inhaler.

We spent all week indoors, laid up on the couch.

Not eating, not having fun. We were both climbing the walls by Wednesday morning but he had to be fever-free for 24 hours before he could return to school. He cried Tuesday and Wednesday morning when I took Emily to school and not him. So hard!

Thankfully, he was able to return today, just in time for his school's Valentine's celebration!

And I hit the town to cram a week's worth of errands into six hours.


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