Instagram = easy, blogging = hard! An update with some cute pics inside! #kids #SAHM #preschool #school

So, here we are, already in the month of March. Everyone is in a great routine of school, play dates, homework, appointments, bed time routines, and weekend family time.

Emily is really enjoying fourth grade though it's intense. They expect a lot of them this year including keeping a planner, being responsible for their own recorder, and tons and tons of math like long division and four-digit by four-digit multiplication. Emily is mentally exhausted after school every day and is enjoying all the day time afternoons bring because she has elected not to take on any extracurricular activities this year. Outside of Girl Scouts, we just host/attend play dates or relax here at home. She spends more time in her room, alone, just playing, creating, reading, and listening to music while drawing. She's growing her little bob with bangs haircut out so I've had to get creative to figure out how to pull her bangs out of her face every day. Oh! And she got new frames at her most recent eye exam. Her vision changed slightly but it's the shape of her face and how far apart her eyes are (they grown so much year to year!) that required a new pair. I let her choose any pair she wanted. She couldn't be any freakin cuter!

Nolan loves Preschool. That is probably the biggest understatement this year! On non-school days, he cries, literally sobs! He knows the names of all 24 of his classmates; always waves "bye" to them when I pick him up each afternoon; and constantly talks about how much he loves his three teachers. He's becoming so independent, even mastering getting dressed and undressed (yes, even his t-shirt he can remove himself and that's a hard one for four year olds!) every day, and he never forgets that Friday is share day at school. He talks pretty much non-stop, mostly in a jumbled, excited mess of run-on sentences about completely made-up scenarios with him in them. I think it makes him feel part of the family because the rest of us talk so much. He likes to report what he worked on at school, who he played with, and which works he's going to finish the following day. He loves play dates with his friends but isn't quite yet comfortable being picked-up from school by other moms. Most recently, he brought him a rainbow he complete at school. He had to first determine which colors when in what order and stay inside the lines. He did an amazing job! Last month, Pixar hosted an advanced screening of Disney's new movie "Zootopia" so we made a day of it by going out for lunch and then seeing the film. Nolan sat through the entire thing quietly! I wasn't surprised, he's well-behaved, but he is only 4.5yrs old!

I've had to pick up some extra slack with the PTA unexpectedly, which has thrown a bit of a wrench in my daily routine; however, I'm working on establishing something new that may involve getting up a bit earlier in the morning (yuck!) and doing a bit more to prepare for the following day the night before (double yuck!). I'm mostly looking forward to our trip to Disneyland over Spring Break! It's Nolan's first trip (not counting the time we went when I was pregnant with him!) and it's all we can all talk about. We've been watching all the Disney and Pixar movies that the parks are modeled after so Nolan can make those connections once in the park. So far he hates "that mean ugly octopus guy" in the movie "The Little Mermaid". ha!

David isn't working too many hours on the movie short he's assigned to currently and he's really happy with the project and his teammates, which is great for everyone! He's looking forward to having the month of July off!

P.S. Can you blog on the blogspot platform from your phone?

If so, can someone please show me how?

Instagram and Facebook are sooooooo easy, it makes blogging hard some times. With Instagram and Facebook, I can take a quick pic of whatever is cute or funny or currently going on with us and share it instantly, with or without a little blurb.

Right now, I email myself my favorite photos, download them from my email, and then I have to organize them into folders before I do anything else, and then I can upload them here and share them with you.


If only I could find the time (and the patience!) to sit down and figure out how The Cloud works... isn't that how your photos are automatically saved and shared between your phone and your computer effortlessly. Wirelessly. Email-less-ly? {sigh}


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