Thank you @IKEA our playroom is finally organized!!! #parenting #SAHM #kids #motherhood #playroom

Ah, the playroom.

The wide open room just off our kitchen that always looks like a Toys R' Us exploded in it. No real toy organization nor storage was present this past four years because Nolan was only a year old and needed to be able to reach everything. Don't get me wrong, this is not a complaint... more like a thorn in my every day side. We chose not to do any bookshelves or cabinets because we didn't want him pulling up on the furniture and it coming down on top of him (no, we aren't allowed to bolt anything to the walls!). So, we just stacked toys in shallow bins along the wall. The kids destroyed the playroom every single day and it was a huge frustration for us both!

Recently, we purged all the play room toys, getting rid of all the baby toys, moving all the books to the kids rooms, and even moving some of their toys from their rooms into the playroom so it could become a space for everyone to play in. Essentially, our playroom moved from "baby-safe" to "age 4yrs + up" which meant we were finally ready to invest in some furniture!

Upon investigation, some pricing, and realizing David and I both just couldn't bear to invest in anything nice (you know that saying "you're the reason we can't have nice things"? yeah, kids destroy furniture!) for the time being, we settled on the Stuva collection from Ikea.

All the cabinets are under four feet tall (less risk for tipping) and are completely customizable: shelves can be placed every couple of inches or more, drawers come in three depth sizes, and all the cabinets can be fitted with doors!

I did a mock drawing based on the dimensions and decided we needed two cabinets, two deep drawers, a toy chest drawer, and a cabinet with five shelves.

Then, Emily decided she wanted a loft bed with storage.

And then, we decided to convert Nolan's room to a big boy bed with nightstand.

All in all, we ordered 14 pieces of furniture and two mattresses.

The $100 delivery charge was worth having it all shipped directly to us as all of that never would have fit in my SUV; however, I don't advise ordering three rooms of furniture all at once. I thought David was going to kill me! ha! It was piled four feet high in the playroom and took over a week to open, assemble, and then dispose of all the packaging.

Sorry, I digressed there a bit.

Anyhow, here's how it looks today:

All the furniture on the left side of this photo was what we purchased from Ikea for the play room. Oh, and that art easel is from Ikea, too and is less than $10!

So far, so GREAT! It's super easy for the kids to access and makes daily clean-up so much faster. The 9-cubby organizer over to the right is gone - it was empty anyway - and that is where the "car table" moved to so the room is more open.


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