August 31, 2015 - First day of Fourth Grade and Preschool!

We have a fourth grader and a Preschooler.


I was so completely overwhelmed by the start of school that I forgot to document this at the time so, here I am, back-dating this post so that we can find it later when we are old and can't remember when things happened in our life.

Emily started fourth grade at her elementary school and LOVES her teacher Miss L. She goes to school 8:20am-2:50pm except Wednesdays when all public schools let out early at 1:50pm. This year is all about leopard print, tunics, growing her bangs out, and the theater after school program. She has really loved having so many new (11 kids we don't know!) in her class and many kids she hasn't been in class with since Kindergarten! Her school is one block from her house and we still walk to school together every morning. She helps make her lunch every day (salami or ham, cheese, fruit, veggies, crackers, nutella with pretzels, hummus and pita, and a few marshmallows or chocolate chips for a treat!), no longer interested in eating the hot school lunch. She has an hour of P.E. every week along with an hour of Library/Media Center and has recess before lunch mid-day. She's learning algebra (already!) and has really impressed us with how organized she has become this year. While Emily definitely has her preference for leopard print anything, she doesn't really care about clothes so I still happily pick them out for her every night. I hope this continues until she's 30.

Nolan started Preschool this year.

If you want to read about it, I blogged about our journey to touring then picking the right one: HERE!

His Preschool follows Emily's public school calendar, which is awesome, as that gives me less to juggle. He goes to school from 9:00am - 2:30pm every day, except Fridays when all kids go home at 1:00pm. David and I drive him to school together every morning. All the kids sit on the steps of the school together until 9:05am and then, they walk around to the playground at back where they spend their first hour playing. Nolan loves Preschool! He never wants to come home though he runs into my arms, squealing "look at the work I made for you!" every afternoon. He's a math-wiz! We recently had his conference and he's working towards mastering some of the Kindergarten works (his Preschool has a Kindergarten program for kids aged five who aren't going to public school just yet). He loves place value, counting, ordering, and puzzles requiring basic addition and subtraction. He exerts his independence with clothing already by demanding he pick out his own clothes, socks, and shoes every night. ha! I love it and allow it, it's a cute part of our bed time routine.


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